How to Join

We recommend you first stop by and be part of one of our troop meetings, talk with our Troop Leaders and check us out, click Upcoming Events for our next troop meeting or you can click Contact Us to receive a reply with more information and how to register.  

Joining Troop PA-0019 starts with registering online at Trail Life USA once you are ready to join.  The national fee is only $26 per year and our local troop dues are $100 per year.  Then you'll want to get one of our cool Trail Life Meeting/Polo shirts for your Woodland, Navigator or Adventurer at the Trail Life USA Store. See FAQs for more.

Former Boy Scout? A Trail Life Advancement chart is available to see how earned skills will credit towards Trail Life's Achievements on their way to earning our highest Trail Life award, The Freedom Award.

You can also download an introduction to Trail Life USA here: Trail Life Brochure

Thanks for your consideration to be part of this awesome movement!    

Doug Cahill
(610) 564-6709 Mobile